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Ayur 69 is a Total Scam! Do Not Fall Prey to This Fraudulent Product

Are you ashamed or very embarrassed about your low libido? Do you feel sex activities no more enjoyable? Are you unable to perform well between the sheets and often fail to please your partner sexually? It’s really frustrating, we understand. But, know you are not alone! A number of men, even youngsters, are suffering from poor sexual health these days, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle. The main culprit, actually, is the low production of testosterone, the principal male sex hormone which is responsible for men’s masculine traits e.g sex drive, sexual appetite, aggression, impulsiveness, passion, self-confidence, and body & facial hair. So, obviously, deficiency of this hormone may predisposes men to a number of problems related to their sex life, such as low libido, less erection, zero interest in sexual activities, infertility and lower body energy level and stamina.


Thankfully, there are some solutions in the medical arena that can really help your body elevate its natural production of testosterone hormone. A number of testosterone boosters are available in the market in different forms- pills, capsules, powder supplements, creams, oils etc. These male enhancement products are surging in demand as in today’s super busy society people look for quick fixes to improve their sexual potency and act promptly to take advantage of testosterone boosters. But while searching for a quick and easy-to-use gimmicks people often fall victim to scam products like Ayur 69 male enhancement capsules and oil.

Ayur 69 is a Real Danger to Your Health

Ayur 69 is being marketed all across the Internet as a single sure-shot formula for multiple sexual problems. The product promises to provide a host of sexual benefits, outstanding results with zero side effects! Sounds so convincing, right? Unfortunately, like many other male enhancement pills selling like hotcakes online Ayur 69 is also a fraudulent product. Almost all users of these capsules admitted to buying this product to increase their sex drive but said they eventually ended up with disappointment. According to them, both Ayur 69 capsules and oil did not deliver what they promise, instead lead to numerous side effects and complications.

The manufacturer of this dietary supplement exaggeratedly claims that the product includes top quality herbal ingredients in its formulation and is a completely safe organic formula to raise testosterone production and fix sex-related issues. But the fact is that Ayur 69 is simply a fake product that does not work at all to help you get rid of sexual issues. The supplement has other disadvantages and drawbacks as well. Let’s first take a look at what this product actually contains and what its makers and retailers say about this product.

What is Ayur 69

To put it simply, it is a supplement that comes in a capsule and oil forms. The product aims to accelerate the body's own production of testosterone and thereby a man’s sex drive, his desire for sex and sexual activities. According to the manufacturer, Ayur 69 formula is composed of only pure natural plant-based ingredients that have been used in Ayurveda for centuries to treat impotence in men. The maker also affirms that the formula is developed by 4 Ayurvedic geniuses and has been successfully tested in 6 Indian labs. Also, it has been scientifically proven to increase libido, stamina, sensual pleasure and size of manhood without posing any health risk, they say.

Following are the alleged sexual benefits Ayur 69 claims to offer:

  • Boosts free testosterone production in the body to maximize sexual performance
  • Enhances erectile function and prevents premature ejaculation
  • Increases sex drive for more pleasurable sexual activities
  • Increases stamina and energy so that you can last longer in bed
  • Helps to achieve a stronger and harder orgasm every time you have sex

With such a convincing pack of benefits this product may seem you irresistible, but do not fall victim to these claims and exaggerated promises none of them is true.

If you search online for the original Ayur 69 supplement so many websites will pop up claiming to be genuine seller of original Ayur 69. Even after an extensive research you will not find the address of the company or the contact details. If somewhere you find a customer service of this supplement they will not respond to your query or stop picking your call after selling the product to you. Many fake web pages can be seen posting fake reviews of Ayur 69, with people claiming to experience great results after using this product. But none of these reviews is real and these users actually do not exist.

To read an honest review by a real user, visit Here you will get complete information about this fake product. So, do not waste your money and time on Ayur 69 as it is just ineffective and doesn’t work at all.